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DAF Truck Oils Wholesale | For High-Performance Engine Models

High-End DAF Truck Oils at Wholesale and Affordable Prices

One of Europe’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers is DAF Trucks, a subsidiary of Paccar Inc, which also produces advanced diesel engines. Quality servicing is critical for heavy trucks, and being a top DAF truck oils distributor, our goal is to deliver motor oils that meet or exceed DAF’s specifications.

OTV International is in the business of DAF truck lubricants wholesale trade. Over the years, we have supplied tons of premium DAF truck oils to retailers and industrial and commercial businesses. These products comply with ACEA E6/E9 engine oil specifications, some of the key criteria that DAF seeks to fulfil industry standards. If you want to meet the demands of a DAF fleet and other OEM engines, we can organise shipping of a mix of lubricant brands in one container.

Optimum Lubrication Topped Off With Long Life

Engines on DAF trucks are designed to last through the lifespan of the vehicles. For this to happen, the locomotive components must be lubricated properly and regularly. A remarkable feature of these fluids is viscosity (their resistance to flow and deformation). They portray exceptional thickness and consistency that offer strong lubricating films to prevent unnecessary wear. A good example is the DAF Xtreme FE 10W-30, which complies with the quality requirements recommended by DAF experts.

Together with our global retail partners and industrial clients, OTV International aims to keep DAF vehicles performing at their best despite harsh environmental conditions. That’s why we source from the best and distribute DAF truck lubricants wholesale to our valued customers across the board.

Order DAF Oils with Proven Fuel Economy

Good lubrication is a prerequisite for optimum DAF engine performance. The type of DAF truck lubricants on wholesale at OTV International are made to keep fuel consumption at a minimum. We can certainly vouch for their authenticity and recommend them for heavy haulage, long-distance transportation, construction and off-road applications.

Upon request, we deliver different kinds of DAF truck lubricants at wholesale pricing. We also have a fantastic product range for other truck brands other than DAF. Contact us to order the best from your trusted distributor OTV International.

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