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Buy German-Made Lubricants from Addinol Wholesale Distributor

Are you looking to buy lubricant oils with a Made-in-Germany quality seal? Considering both price and quality, Addinol wholesale lubricants are the best option. Top-notch performance and low consumption rate make Addinol the perfect choice for tough conditions. Here at OTV International, we are keen on every customer’s need and so we source different products for different uses. We introduce to you the best possible collection of Addinol lubricants, grease, lube oil, engine oil, and bike oil to be delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

What Makes Addinol Lubricants Unique?

Addinol lubricants are versatile, and that’s why they perform well with any engine or automotive unit. The main benefits are:

  • Longer lifespan
  • Euro 4 and 5 emissions compliant
  • Facilitates smooth starting during cold days
  • Forms a thin, solid layer to protect metallic parts from rust
  • No toxic exhaust, keeping engines clean during operation

Efficient Addinol Greases

We supply Addinol wholesale greases for concrete production and construction work. Choose between all-rounded and speciality greases for lubricating machinery and cars, in bearings and drives. Our Addinol products guarantee reliability under varying humidity levels, high loads, and dust.

Addinol Lubricants for Safe Operation

Our Addinol hydraulic oils are created to effectively transmit force in machinery over a diverse temperature range. This is possible courtesy of the outstanding viscosity-temperature tendency. While protecting against wear, they also prevent corrosion. Talk to us by email or phone call. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Your Global Addinol Distributor

International delivery is available for Russia, Brazil, China, the Middle East, the UK, and other European countries. No matter your location and the number of Addinol products you want to be packed in a container, our export managers will take care of the shipping details. We not only ship engine oils for vans and cars; our offerings also include lubricating fluids for marine equipment, motorcycles (two-stroke and four-stroke), trucks, and commercial vehicles.

Not sure what Addinol wholesale oils are good for your customers? We will help choose wisely once you submit your query through our contact form. Our expert team will recommend the most appropriate Addinol engine oil for each application.

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