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Eni (formerly Agip) is one of the largest companies in Italy. The lubricant manufacturer is present in 71 countries with more than 33,000 employees. OTV International is able to supply the products of the global energy company. Eni lubricants and oils have stood for best quality for more than 30 years, achieving the best results even under demanding conditions. From two-wheelers to sports cars to agricultural machinery, OTV International, as a wholesaler of Eni products, can supply the right oil for every application.

Not only on land, but also in shipping oils from Eni are used. Their high reliability makes the lubricants from Italy equally popular in private and commercial use. Eni’s products are always based on the latest and most stringent specifications from engine manufacturers. This level of quality always ensures the best possible protection and longevity of the engines.

OTV International supplies lubricants from Eni worldwide
Eni products also show the best performance under extreme conditions such as temperature fluctuations. Engines run smoothly with the oils of Eni. OTV International can deliver these products reliably via its sales network all over the world.

Eni lubricants are not only used in vehicles, but also in stationary machines, for example in power generation. Especially here in particularly critical application areas the product range of Eni shows its outstanding characteristics. With OTV International, companies have a dealer who knows about these special and outstanding properties of the oils and therefore offers them to their customers.

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