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Ambra New Holland lubricants provide enterprises with the assurance of quality. The brand has earned itself a reputation as an industry leader, performing at the highest level under pressure in all applications, environmental conditions, and seasons. It is among the world’s most reliable and efficient lubricant names for agriculture. No one buys high-performance machinery and skimps on lubricants with inferior products. A solid investment deserves the best- what goes into a piece of equipment matters more than the equipment itself.

Welcome to OTV International, your one-stop solution for exclusive lubricants and oils for Ambra New Holland machines. A top-class selection of Ambra New Holland wholesale products on our website is yours to see. We can process orders ranging from 1 pallet to a 40-foot container (approximately 25.000 litres) and ship them to your city. Selling in bulk allows us to serve clients at unbeatable prices. Our swift on-demand delivery services cover a complete range of Ambra New Holland brake fluids, engine oils, transmission oil, and hydraulic fluids.

Ambra New Holland Liquids – The Ideal Choice for Tough Machines

Agricultural machinery endures long hours in rugged terrain, not to mention extreme weather in some areas. Machines that are constantly under pressure need high-quality fluids and coolants. That’s why you need to partner with a reliable Ambra New Holland distributor for your equipment needs. Our products are thoroughly tested in the field for maximum output and protection. Having been engineered with unique formulations, the quality standard they set is unmatched. Manufacturers in the agricultural sector consider them to meet or exceed top performance requirements.

Moreover, Ambra New Holland conforms to the latest emissions standards, making it the perfect solution for the next-generation engines. You can see how unique their products are by looking at any one of them on our pages. We have selected Ambra New Holland wholesale items with excellent load-bearing capacity, anti-wear qualities, protection against corrosion, thermal stability, anti-stick features, high viscosity, and increased water tolerance levels. They have been designed to safeguard significant investments not only today but in the future as well.

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