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Anderol Lubricants | Long-Lasting Synthetic Oil

Anderol for Wholesale | Lubrication Oil with Extreme Long Life

At OTV International, we sell 100% OEM-compatible brand names. Choosing our Anderol lubricants will give your business a good reputation for supplying the best protective liquids to consumers. A pioneer in synthetic lubricants, Anderol takes pride in its product quality. The brand’s food-grade lubricants are commonly used in facilities where incidental food contact is more likely. That means these products are safe for consumer health in addition to being Halal and Kosher certified.

Safe and Reliable Compressor Oil from Anderol

Produced in ISO-certified plants, our Anderol wholesale products serve gears, hydraulic systems, chains, bearings, food-grade machines, seamers, vacuum pumps, and compressors. They are known to cut maintenance costs, improve machine life expectancy, and enhance operating efficiency when used in industrial applications.

Key Features of Anderol Lubrication Oil

  • Great oxidation stability
  • Wide operating temperature range (-35°C – 130°C)
  • Instant separation of condensed water
  • Long change intervals
  • Plaque and varnish protection
  • Compatibility with dry nitrogen

Benefits of Synthetic Anderol Lubrication

Without a doubt, synthetic lubricants outmatch petroleum-based fluids in many ways. First, they help lower energy consumption and minimise the carbon footprint. Their energy-saving capacity can be attributed to viscosity index, heat transfer properties, and friction qualities that reduce the horsepower needed to run a piece of equipment no matter the weather. Anderol lubrication oils are known for high thermal and oxidative stability; thus, they can extend oil drain intervals. Another advantage is the high flash point which makes our synthetic Anderol wholesale lubricants fire-resistant. This is a huge benefit to industrial plants because insurance companies tend to charge less where facilities use synthetic lubrication. With profound heat transfer qualities, synthetic lubricants enable higher operating speeds, which leads to more output. Again, synthetic lubricants produce negligible deposits even at high temperatures, thanks to oxidative stability. It means the equipment will wear less, resulting in lower maintenance costs for the business. Kindly refer to our Contact Us page for more information on how to reach us. Order the best synthetic lubricants from a top Anderol distributor and see your customers coming back for more.

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