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BASF Lubricants in Wholesale | Don’t Cut Corners, Buy the Best

The Best BASF Lubricants at Wholesale | Don’t Skimp on Quality

Machines for food production, mining, building and construction operate under extreme conditions. They are expected to deliver absolute reliability and topnotch performance no matter the circumstances, be it muddy, dusty, rainy, or dry. Only competent lubrication can meet such requirements. If your oil business serves huge plants with lubricated components, you need to partner with BASF lubricants wholesale supplier to meet the complex requirements of consumers.

BASF is one of the spearheading brands leading the way for a sustainable future. Their products represent a true blend of social responsibility, environmental conservation, and economic success. We have added BASF lubricants to our portfolio, considering the award-winning company has proven itself thousands of times for almost two centuries. Our BASF lubricant catalogue offers long-term and dependable corrosion protection. The products are renowned for providing the most extended oil service life.

Differentiating Features and Applications of BASF Lubricants

OTV International distributes BASF lubricants at wholesale to any country. Our industrial fluids guarantee first-rate outcomes when it comes to oil life, fluid oxidation, and gear wear. They have sustainability benefits such as low fuel consumption and reduced carbon emissions. The biodegradable and renewable nature of BASF makes them eco-friendly and widely recognised.

Our finished lubes from BASF can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as:

  • Fire-resistant hydraulic systems
  • Air and gas compressors (even in special cases, e.g., refrigeration and refineries)
  • Heavy-duty construction and mining
  • Worm, bevel, and hypoid gears
  • Food-grade conveyor belts
  • Wind turbines

Lubricant Solutions with Experience and Competence

OTV International has been offering lubrication solutions for the transport and mineral oil industries for years. Our BASF lubricants wholesale packages comprise finished lubricants, engine coolants, brake fluids, and metalworking fluids. We are headquartered in Weener, Lower Saxony, Germany but serve a worldwide clientele. Through research and development, we have discovered innovative industrial fluids that can benefit our customers in various industries from consumer goods, agriculture, automotive and transportation, chemical, energy and resources.

It is rare to see a BASF lubricants distributor offering expert advice and first-class service like OTV International. We welcome you to partner with us for a constant supply of greases, gear oils, and hydraulic lubricants in bulk. If you want to request a quotation or find out how our products can reach you, fill out our online form or send us an e-mail.

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