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Special Oils from the Best BECHEM Lubricants Wholesale Supplier

BECHEM targets metalworking, textile, and speciality lubricant markets. Its new generation of products stands out with the incorporation of top-quality raw materials and dedicated research and development. The manufacturer is highly respected by companies dealing in weaving, spinning, and processing artificial textiles in the most eco-friendly way while promoting worker safety.

With their low toxicity levels, long service life, biostability, and worldwide presence, BECHEM oil have caught our attention, so we decided to add them to our portfolio. We ship high-performance BECHEM lubricants in wholesale to any country in the world.

Buy High-Temperature Bechem Oils and Greases

Typical lubricants do not work well under high operating temperatures because grease oxidises rapidly at such extremes. Usually, extreme heat accelerates the rate at which oil molecules evaporate and deteriorate. The process is even faster if the base oil has a poor viscosity index. Once the structural formula of the grease breaks down, its lubricating film ceases to work and fails the operation. Now, do you see why your customers are always on the hunt for high-temperature lubricating oils like BECHEM?

Our BECHEM lubricants are more effective as they are developed with special mineral base oils, Polyurea, and advanced PTFE thickeners. Advanced BECHEM additives are loaded with solid lubes and anti-oxidation elements to facilitate reliable greasing at elevated degrees. This helps to minimise the re-lubricating frequency. The benefits can be summarised as follows:

  • Minimal application with long-lasting effects
  • Efficiency in specialised crane applications
  • Great adhesion power
  • OEM compatibility for telescopic truck-mounted cranes
  • Mess-free application with minimal wastage
  • Prolonged service life and low maintenance requirements

Order BECHEM Lubricants for Diverse Industries

OTV International is a top BECHEM lubricants distributor that collaborates with renowned retailers across the board. We also work with machine manufacturers, supplying a broad array of speciality lubes for their heavy-duty equipment. Our BECHEM lubricants for wholesale can be used in cement manufacturing plants, automotive, sugar industry, metal forming processes, steel plants, paper processing, metalworking, high-sped spindle bearing, etc.

Engage us today if you want a full range of BECHEM oils for wholesale. Call us to see how we can help your enterprise no matter the industries you operate in.

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