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BERNER Lubricants Wholesale | Oil That Suits All Needs

A Variety of BERNER Lubricants on Wholesale for Increased Productivity

For nine decades, BERNER lubricants have kept many businesses up and running. You’ll find their products in large agricultural farms, gas stations, and aerospace facilities. OTV International brings products from this reputable brand through exemplary shipping services to customers from all corners of the world.

High-Quality BERNER Lubes from BERNER

Over the years, we have supplied BERNER lubricants wholesale to agricultural companies and other businesses that deal with fleet maintenance. Our reputation has grown courtesy of the high-quality lubes that we ship, ensuring that our partners get their jobs done in the most efficient way. Our priority is to make you satisfied through our industry knowledge and experienced export managers. Contact us today to see how you can improve your venture through our wholesale lubricants.

Effective Lubricant Corrosion Protection

Vibrations, pressure, and stains jeopardize the integrity of machines. Consumers are looking for effective lubrication to meet their operational needs. If you would like us to deliver BERNER lubricants wholesale to your city or station, we are ready to make shipping arrangements anytime. We are a dependable BERNER lubricants distributor of oils for agricultural plants, the aviation industry, o and marinas. Our range of lubrication products goes beyond BERNER, so you can also request other brands like Anderol and BASF to support your business.

Improved Lubricity for Extended Life Cycle

We highly recommend BERNER lubricants for better machine life and surface finish. High productivity is possible because these oils minimise friction and excess heat during a machine operation. What’s more, their low toxicity and sumps stability make them easier to maintain. And because they are manufactured with natural raw materials, operators are less likely to suffer skin reactions.

Once you get our BERNER lubricants on wholesale, let your customers know that they can use the products on any metal be it aerospace alloys, steel, carbon alloys, and even the most sensitive aluminium. The high lubricity of BERNER lubes is quite serviceable to activities involving cumbersome stainless-steel machines. By reducing the surface heat, these lubricants enhance tool life (while keeping the surface finish looking good), lowers the build-up edge, and allows higher operating speed.

Call us today to find out how we can meet your BERNER lubricants wholesale needs and be part of our decades-long tradition of loyal clients.

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