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BMW Lubricants

BMW supplies engine oils of the highest quality

The name BMW is associated with outstanding technology and the highest quality. These properties also apply to the engine oils from BMW. OTV International operates globally in the wholesale and distribution of BMW lubricants from the “BMW Twinpower Turbo” and “BMW Advantec” lubricants and can reliably supply these quality engine oils. The same goes for the original oils for the Mini brand.

Quality “made in Germany” for the worldwide market

BMW lubricants bind the dirt particles in the engine and reduce the deposits there. The engine is protected from the formation of mud. Even at low temperatures of up to -40 degrees Celsius, the engine oils from BMW show first-class performance and ensure optimized behavior during cold starts. The quality product from Bavaria shows a low tendency to evaporate and thus reduces consumption and refill demand.

The engine oils from BMW help to keep even critical engine components clean. They guarantee corrosion and wear protection and thus preserve the life of the engine. As a wholesaler OTV International is able to distribute these outstanding products “Made in Germany” worldwide.

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