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A Full Range of BP Lubricants in Wholesale Supply

BP is the ultimate lubrication solution for trucks, vans, cars, and motorcycles. It is, however, necessary to find a reliable BP lubricants distributor if you want to import original products. Whether you’re looking for speciality oils, compressor oils, greases, transmission fluids, hydraulic, and gear BP lubricants at wholesale prices, OTV International is the right place to order.

At OTV International, we serve a global customer base. Over the years, we have worked with world-leading automotive, marine, energy, and agricultural businesses thanks to our commitment to excellence.

Sustainable BP Lubricants and Motor Oils

As a global lubricant distributor, we are committed to sourcing products designed to redefine energy and the planet. As a result, we distribute automotive fluids that minimise waste, lower carbon footprint, and improve people’s lives. Our BP lubricants and oils from other reputable brands are at the forefront of sustainability and engine efficiency. If you would like BP lubricants for wholesale trading shipped to your country, please make a request. We are ready to deliver the following products upon request.

Engine Oils

We supply a wide selection of BP motor oils for a diverse range of engines. You can order conventional and high-mileage oils, synthetic blends and fully synthetic oils, four-cycle and two-cycle engine oils, snowmobile oils, and racing oils.

Transmission and Gear Oils

These are designed for heavy-duty vehicles and farm machinery. They work in tandem with other lubricants for commercial and industrial operations.


OTV International distributes BP greases for different types of equipment and vehicles.

Hydraulic Fluids

They are specially formulated for hydraulic machines like dump trucks, pumps, jacks, and forklifts. A zinc-stabilised additive system enhances the properties of mineral oil in BP hydraulic oil.


They prevent freezing, overheating, and corrosion of components.

Features That Make Our Lubricants Different From the Competition

Our branded BP lubricants for wholesale supply are globally recognised for innovative technology, high performance, and premium quality. They guarantee reliability without compromise with cutting-edge technologies like CleanGuard that keep engines in pristine conditions for longer.

We promise our customers highly responsive services when it comes to sourcing products from specific manufacturers or countries. Contact us today so we can introduce you to an export manager to discuss your order and shipment.

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