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Caramba Lubricants and Special Cleansers are Available Here

Buy Unique Caramba Lubricants and All-Rounded Cleaning Agents

For more than a century, Caramba cleaning agents have been trusted by millions of consumers in the commercial, industrial, and household sectors. The Caramba Chemie Group is the company behind the success of these tailor-made solutions for logistic companies, car washers, and manufacturers of plastic, glass, and metal.

If you’re looking to import speciality chemicals for auto shops and car washes, you should order from a dependable Caramba distributor. The best thing about OTV International is that we sell wholesale, guaranteeing the most competitive price in the market.

Wide-Ranging Special Cleansing Formulas

These products can be categorised according to the materials and type of vehicle they clean. Some are also more practica during certain seasons, like winter and summer.

Since we are an all-inclusive supplier, we guarantee a comprehensive selection of Caramba cleaning agents and special chemicals, including the latest releases. All you have to do is reach out to us whenever you need a wholesale package delivered to your country, whether in Europe, South America, Asia, or the Gulf, among others.

Automotive Speciality Chemicals

Caramba cleaning solutions for garages, car workshops, and after-sale car care are fast and thorough. They are formulated to give a smooth wash to aircraft, trains, buses, or trucks. Plus, they are safe for the environment. The after-care and reconditioning products complement the cleaners in their chemical composition.

Caramba Lubricating Oils

Caramba lubricants are high-performance graphite oils designed to prevent rust and corrosion. They are silicone-free and effective at extreme temperatures from as low as -30 to as high as 450 degrees Celcius. Electrically conductive, Caramba lubricants work well under high pressure and do not cause resinification. This class of Caramba products also include cooling fluids, greases, and special liquids like adhesive lube, silicone and PTFE sprays, copper and ceramic pastes, and brake service sprays.

Industrial Caramba Cleaners

Efficiency, safety, and quality matter most in equipment cleaning. Caramba industrial cleaners can cleanse and disinfect many facilities and surfaces: containers, motor surfaces, metal-working machines, industrial ovens, valves, and hydraulic hoses. Oil stain removers for transmission systems and engines are suitable for diverse car models. They provide the best results and minimum downtime compared to washing with just water or regular detergents.

Certified to Industrial Standards

Top products developed by Caramba follow specific industry requirements. Before releasing products to the market, Caramba tests them to ensure they are compatible with demanding surface designs from glass ceramics, leather, textiles, wood, aluminium, and textiles. They are certified by:

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems)

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