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Eurol Lubricants | Powering Performance With Minimal Friction

Quality Commitment Through Eurol Lubricants

OTV International prides itself on distributing world-class lubrication solutions from a Netherland-based manufacturer, Eurol, another high-performance option for automotive fluids. With more varieties of motor oils and transmission fluids, we are not just a Eurol lubricants distributor but also an all-inclusive supplier of the highest quality oils in the industry.

With our Eurol lubricants, you’re getting the best. They tick all the checkboxes for modern transportation, low carbon emissions, and protection of locomotive components. All our Eurol products, from synthetic motor oils to clutch transmission fluids, are approved and recommended by equipment manufacturers. They’re applicable in many business segments: maritime transport, the motorcycle market, earthmoving operations, agriculture, and the automotive industry.

Eurol: A Powerhouse for Performance in Motor Racing

Performance is power in the world of motorsport. Some of the Eurol lubricants we sell have been used at professional auto racing events like the NASCAR Cup Series, Dakar Rally, and TCR Series. Their lubrication technologies, backed by ISO certificates, have proven to be reliable time and again in tractor-pulling and autocross.

Superior, Cutting-Edge Lubrication at a Great Price

Are you looking for fully synthetic oils for diesel and gasoline engines? Your business will be a step above the rest when you import Eurol lubricants on a large scale. These products boast enhanced performance with innovative technologies such as SYNGIS, which ensure minimal friction. It is no surprise they have been approved by leading European OEM vehicle manufacturers. Their exceptional quality is further confirmed by ACEA C3 engine oil approval. End users can expect great value with our premium lubrication products for all vehicles, regardless of working conditions.

Other Quality Features

  • Low phosphorus and sulphated ash levels, keeping the catalytic converters and exhaust system from blockages
  • Generates a stable lubrication film quickly when the engine is cold
  • Exceptional protection against corrosion, wear and tear
  • Prevents a build-up of deposits, sludge, and dirt in the engine
  • High thermal stability in harsh conditions

Shop Fuel-Efficient Eurol Lubes at OTV International

If you have an industrial plant and want to capitalise on profits, your production should run cost-effectively. Buy our Euro fluids in bulk to maximise lubrication and save operation costs. OTV International assures you high-quality lubrication solutions at a competitive wholesale price if you have a retail outlet for engine oils.

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