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Eurolub Wholesale Oils for Almost All Industries and Applications

Eurolub Lubricants Distributor You Can Count On

Eurolub engine oils and lubricants provide the exceptional and balanced performance required in the present-day automotive and industrial sectors. Here at OTV, we supply Eurolub wholesale oils and greases proven and tested for:

  • Providing longstanding lubrication intervals
  • Protecting vehicles and equipment
  • Facilitating smooth operations in extreme environmental conditions
  • Reliability under heavy loads

Available in a broad scope of NLGI grades and adjustable viscosities, our Eurolub wholesale lubes are the right option for boosting the productivity of hydraulic operations and biogas plants. As an added advantage, they reduce waste and running costs.

Our range of Eurolub wholesale products includes:

Eurolub Engine Oils

Our goal is to be the best Eurolub distributor in the world. So, we have Eurolub engine oils that meet the requirements for lubricating components no matter the operating mechanism, whether it’s a spark ignition for a diesel or petrol engine. We distribute multi-grade engine oils for cars, commercial vehicles, mixed fleet vehicles, construction machinery, and 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines.

We sell in bulk Eurolub universal motor oil featuring the most advanced technology and well-balanced additives. Special base oils deliver desirable qualities such as economic fuel consumption and low SAPS content, making them perfect for modern catalysts.

Eurolub Transmission Fluids

Eurolub wholesale transmission fluids will be of great value to your business if you’re looking for products with indisputable performance history. Enhanced friction and longevity work well in transmission systems and power steering operations. Some of the products we sell at wholesale prices are developed for automatic transmissions, while others are exclusively for manual cars and heavy trucks.

Manual Transmission Oils

Eurolub manual transmission oils are widely used due to their robust protection and high thermal stability. Ether-based fluids contain glycols that inhibit both ferrous and non-ferrous corrosions.

Automatic Transmission Oils

Formulated with special additives and base oils, Eurolub automatic fluids deliver efficient gear shifts, excellent thermal qualities, friction stability, resistance against brake shudder, and oxidation protection. These properties are thanks to Eurolub’s perfect viscosity grades combined with fuel efficiency potential.

Feel free to order industrial lubricants for machines used in cutting and processing tough metals. We also deal in hydraulic oils from Eurolub, based on paraffinic base oils and zinc. If you would like to discuss your order and shipment, please send us a message or call us.

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