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Fanfaro Lubricants Wholesale | Trusted Long-Lasting Performance

New Generation Fanfaro Lubricants at Wholesale Prices

We are pleased to add the brand Fanfaro to our existing lubricant offerings. As well as meeting the high standards of the European, American, and Asian automotive industries, Fanfaro oils satisfy all the requirements of the world’s largest engine manufacturers.

Our custom at OTV International is to distribute automotive products with excellent characteristics and a high price-performance ratio. All our Fanfaro lubricants have passed the latest quality standards, such as ISO 9001, the international standard for QMS. See more about the brand in our catalogue.

Guarantees that Come With Fanfaro Products

Companies ordering our Fanfaro Lubricants at wholesale can expect the following.

  • Long life: Fanfaro products ensure longevity due to supreme thermal-oxidative stability and excellent washing and dispersing qualities. With an extended service time, they guarantee the reliability and efficiency of engine components.
  • Powerful protection: Phenol additives and aromatic amines in the lubricants capture oxygen radicals to prevent reactions with other elements in the transmission fluids. Chemical composition remains consistent throughout the lubricant’s lifetime.
  • High fuel efficiency: Thanks to robust antifriction qualities

A Sneak Peek at Different Fanfaro Oils

At OTV International, we distribute Fanfaro lubricants and wholesale packages designed for trucks, buses, cars, marine vessels, construction machinery, industrial equipment, and farm implements. Some can operate under harsh climates, including temperatures under -20 °C.

  1. Fully synthetic, energy-saving oils for modern engines
  2. Hydro-synthetic motor oils meeting Volkswagen and Daimler requirements
  3. Ester-containing premium oils for gas and non-gas turbocharged engines
  4. Semi-synthetic, monograde mineral oils for heavy-duty diesel engines with or without a turbo
  5. Synthetic 2-stroke engine oils for modern petrol-powered 2-stroke outboard motors that use water for cooling

Partner With OTV for the Best Deals

With a full range of Fanfaro lubricants for wholesale, we strive to develop long-lasting relationships with clients who are as interested in expanding their business as we are. Our partnership starts with fulfilling your bulk on-demand orders for the well-known lubricant brand.

We extend our service with a broad array of oils from other renowned manufacturers to ensure that customers from different industries succeed in their respective marketplaces. If your business is up for the challenge, request a non-binding online quotation or call us at +49 (0) 4903 – 91 56 00.

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