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Top Distributor or Ford Lubricants at Wholesale

Ford lubricants are some of the best oils for engines. They are manufactured by a subsidiary of the automobile maker Ford Motor Company and come in various grades to suit different vehicle specifications. Considering the company has a proven track record of more than five decades of producing premium, long-lasting products, these oils are worth investing in.

OTV International is a global Ford lubricants distributor, offering fully synthetic Ford oils and synthetic base oils with petroleum. Our non-synthetic Ford oils are exclusively designed for diesel-powered motors. They lubricate and cool down the engine to improve longevity and performance. We also have Ford oils for gasoline engines, greases, and other car fluids.

Ford lubricants are excellent for curbing sludge, corrosion, wear, and tear. The outstanding composition and structure of Ford engine oils and greases prevent excessive carbon emissions from an engine, making them safe for ecology.

Fully synthetic Ford lubricants for wholesale are known to endure longer than conventional automotive liquids. Their well-balanced consistency facilitates flexible and frictionless movements between surfaces. The good news is that OTV International provides this premium quality at competitive rates, no matter where you want them shipped.

Types of Ford Oils Available for Wholesale

The most obvious difference between Ford oils and conventional motor oils is thickness. They are slightly thicker and stickier due to the unique additives in the formulation.

Ford Diesel Engine Oils

Diesel motor oils are based on hydrotreated base oils and fabricated with special additive technology. Besides protecting components from rust, they inhibit high-temperature oxidation. Among our Ford lubricants at wholesale, which are designed for diesel engines include the following.

  • Full synthetic, winter viscosity-grade diesel motor oil
  • Heavy-duty, multi-grade diesel engine oil
  • Super duty diesel engine oil for both winter and summer seasons

Gas Engine Oils

Ford produces API-certified, high-quality gasoline engine oils with high viscosity index. Their synthetic base formulas guarantee efficiency under low-temperature conditions. Here are some categories of Ford gasoline engine oils we deal in.

  • Premium synthetic viscosity oil suitable for low temperatures
  • Full synthetic oil for modern gasoline-powered engine cars
  • Premium motor oil infused with viscosity improvers

We have appealing Ford Lubricants Wholesale pricing for clients looking for a high-end brand. Talk to us and see how you can get greater value for money with container packages.

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