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FUCHS lubricants


Fuchs lubricants is a German company with decades of experience in oils. To ensure that modern vehicles remain permanently efficient, Fuchs has developed a comprehensive range of products that OTV International can supply at any time as a wholesaler. The product range for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and motorcycles includes high-quality engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils and service fluids.
Fuchs wholesaler OTV International
Fuchs meets the high performance requirements of car manufacturers with a comprehensive product range that meets international specifications and original manufacturer approvals. This guarantees the quality and high quality of the products. OTV International is proud to be able to offer products “made in Germany” for worldwide distribution as a Fuchs wholesaler.

OTV International is a Fuchs wholesaler for the following brand products:
  • Fuchs Titan ATF
  • Fuchs Tital GT1
  • Fuchs Tital GT1 PRO C-3
  • Fuchs Titan Supersyn
  • Fuchs Titan Syn MC
  • Fuchs Cargo
  • Fuchs Titan
  • And many more..

As a lubricant manufacturer, Fuchs also stands for performance and sustainability, for safety and reliability, for efficiency and cost savings. The products are used in agriculture as well as in industry. In agriculture, Fuchs has been a partner of leading agricultural machinery manufacturers for 70 years. Here, where machines and vehicles are subject to high demands, Fuchs lubricants bring out their outstanding product properties to their best advantage.

OTV International relies on the experience of Fuchs .

OTV International also relies on the experience of Fuchs in the field of industrial lubricants. Industrial lubricants are used in power generation, in drives or in machine tools. Many of the processes only work flawlessly with specially tailored solutions. Here, Fuchs lubricants increase productivity, increase efficiency and save energy.

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