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JOHN DEERE lubricants


John Deere lubricants and oils help to reduce machinery maintenance costs by 25 percent. As a wholesaler, OTV International is able to deliver all of John Deere’s popular branded products to its customers. Customers benefit from John Deere oils and lubricants in terms of their effective performance and the long-term protection engine oils provide.

John Deere lubricants with excellent properties

The engine oils from John Deere, which OTV International distributes, are suitable for both older and newer engines. They are highly effective against wear, corrosion, mud and soot. Even in low temperature ranges, the engine oils have first-class lubricating properties.

Due to their high temperature resistance and outstanding properties, the John Deere engine oils also excite at high engine temperatures. After all, the oils keep the engine cool and clean even in this performance range.

OTV International supplies a wide variety of John Deere products – suitable for diesel and gasoline engines in all types of machinery. John Deere is a reliable partner for demanding agricultural applications in particular.

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