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Lexus Lubricants

Lexus Lubricants | Best Oils for Lexus Cars, SUVs, and Trucks

New Lexus Lubricants Formulated for Luxury Car Engines

Lexus brand, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, has a team of certified mechanics that is second to none. Their experts know which types of lubricants are well-suited for components of luxury vehicles. The company recommends full synthetic oil, specifically designed to provide the best protection and performance for Lexus engines. When buying Lexus lubricants in large-scale quantities, ensure you’re dealing with a distributor that sells original engine oils approved by vehicle manufacturers.

Classification of Engine Oils

  1. Semi-synthetic: blended oils with a 30% synthetic base or less
  2. Synthetic blends: they are made of additives, conventional base oils, and synthetic base stocks, e.g., hydrocracked bases, synthetic esters, and Polyalphaolefin (PAO). Their characteristics are almost similar to full-synthetic oils. Some of their added benefits include an imposing resistance to oxidation and the ability to perform optimally at extreme temperatures. They are the best options for off-roading, hauling, and towing trailers.
  3. Full synthetics: have fewer impurities than their synthetic counterparts.

Synthetic Engine Oil for Lexus in a Nutshell

Synthetic Lexus lubricants have excellent thermal stability and can reduce the risk of engine breakdowns. They also last longer than conventional oils, so drivers don’t have to change the oil as often.

Vehicle owners want their engines to run smoothly and efficiently. This is where Lexus engine oil comes to their rescue with all that while also helping their SUVs, trucks, and sedans run cleaner. Overall, synthetic Lexus lubricants are custom-designed to:

  • Improve the vehicle’s performance
  • Provide stability with higher viscosity index
  • Guarantee fuel economy and fuel efficiency
  • Cut down vehicle maintenance costs
  • Provide long-lasting lubrication
  • Minimise deposits for clean engines and the environment

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