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LIQUI MOLY lubricants


Liqui Moly is a traditional German brand from southern Germany. The company specializes in the production of fuel additives, lubricants and motor oils. With its full range, the company covers almost every wish and OTV International can fulfill these wishes thanks to its distribution to its customers all over the world.

Liqui Moly lubricants are used in cars, two-wheelers, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, boats or garden tools. Whether for industrial, commercial or private use: Liqui Moly products improve the service life of engines and units.

Awards as Germany’s most popular engine oil

It is not without reason that Liqui Moly is therefore awarded almost annually as Germany’s most popular engine oil brand. The company’s products, which OTV International distributes worldwide, are highly regarded by both professionals and private users. They ensure that wear and tear on the engine has little effect and that its mileage is guaranteed for years at a high level. OTV International is happy to be able to offer its customers this reliable product “made in Germany”.

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