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Buy The Best Mannol Lubricants from a Wholesale Dealer

For over two decades, Mannol have been popular with car owners from all over the world. What sets OTV International from competitors is the ability to distribute a wide range of products from this German brand worldwide. We deliver on-demand Mannol oils for scooters and motorcycles, operating fluids, gear oils, smooth-running oils, marine engine oils, and agricultural and industrial lubes. If you are interested in saving on importing oils for mixed fleets and commercial vehicles, feel free to order our Mannol lubricants wholesale.

OTV- Your One-Stop Solution For All Mannol Lubricants

We are the leading Mannol lubricants distributor in Eurasia, Latin America, and other parts of the world. We deal in:

  • Fully synthetic engine oils for modern petrol and diesel engines
  • New generation ester-based low-viscosity lubes for gasoline engines
  • Bi-synthetic oils (PAO + esters) for turbocharged gasoline engines
  • Premium motor oil for direct-injection turbodiesel engines
  • Hydrosynthetic universal motor oil for harsh conditions and high mileage
  • Highly refined mineral engine oil (economy class)


A unique feature of these Mannol lubricants is that they can adapt to different driving styles and climatic conditions. Even in extreme weather, they ensure optimal engine power. Once you purchase Mannol lubricants as a wholesale package, you can market them in a wide array of industries or use them for diverse purposes. The formulation of each lube depends on the category and desired performance, but there’s a product for every engine type, from gasoline, diesel, and petrol engines. Some additive packages are for specific vehicles like Peugeot, Chevrolet, Opel, Citroen, Kia, and Hyundai.

Where to Buy Mannol Lubes in Bulk

Take advantage of our Mannol wholesale deals, and don’t wait too long to engage us if you want to import as soon as possible. Once we know your desired lubricants and similar fluids, we will organise delivery at your earliest convenience. With extensive distribution channels and time-honoured partnerships with industry experts, we are able to ship to different countries. Our wholesale status allows us to offer the most reasonable prices in the industry. 

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