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Mobil lubricants


Advanced Fuel Economy Mobil Lubricants, Engine Oils, and Greases

Mobil lubricants play a significant role in metal fabrication, fleet services, mining operations, and original vehicle manufacturing. Commercial and industrial companies rely on premium quality Mobil oils to economize on fuel without compromising the wear protection of their machines. Might you be searching for a Mobil lubricant distributor who can deliver superior lubes in large quantities to your city? Look no further because OTV International is your most competent Mobil lubricants wholesaler. From Germany to South America and other countries, we deliver top oil brands that meet even the most stringent requirements for product quality and sustainability. By partnering with us, you are sure to get maximum value for money on any product you order from us.

Unique Features and Benefits of Mobil Engine Oils

Mobil oils are proprietary formulations featuring:

  • Low viscosity, ensuring the fastest flow to critical engine components in freezing climates
  • Fortified with robust additives to extend engine life
  • Boosted anti-wear protection and reduced-friction properties for maximum horsepower
  • Excellent shear stability in extreme conditions
  • Outstanding thermal protection under temperatures exceeding 204 degrees Celsius


Find the Exact Mobil-Branded Automotive Lubricant for Any Applications

Mobil is a highly regarded oil brand for top-notch quality and performance, be it in passenger cars, commercial fleets, or industrial operations. Our full lineup of Mobil lubricants is among the best in the industry. You can also request shipment of solvents and coolants bearing the Mobil label. We are here to help you keep your business up and running; hence we send the products to you on demand- whenever and wherever you need them.

With OTV International, you can rest assured that there’s a Mobil product for any application you may have in mind. Feel free to peruse our catalogue with fluids designed for various uses.

Industrial Lubes

These are highly effective lubricants in line with the requirements of modern industrial equipment. They can be applied to natural gas engines, bearings, gears, air compressors, turbines (gas and wind), and hydraulic pressure pipes.

Commercial and Heavy-Duty Lubes

Mobil engine oils for commercial vehicles and heavy machinery have an added advantage of a unique technology called Mobil Devac. This allows them to maintain viscosity even when the engines endure continuous acceleration, thereby extending their lifespan.

Mobil Racing Oils

We also sell high-performance synthetic motorsport formulas developed for racing engines. Being fully synthetic, they provide the perfect balance between horsepower, low friction, and engine wear protection. These automotive oils are more efficient during gruelling racing than ordinary lubricants.

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