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Nissan Lubricants

Nissan-Certified Lubricants With the Latest Specifications

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The Nissan Motor Corporation is committed to protecting and maintaining vehicle performance with genuine engine oils and coolants. Their products are developed and tested for the exact specifications of Nissan gas cars, trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and electric vehicles. Through avant-garde technology and advanced diagnostics, Nissan lubricants are designed for efficiency, speed, and performance.

OTV International is a leading distributor of Nissan engine oil and lubricants globally. Our network of export managers is strategically located to serve the needs of our customers in an efficient and timely manner. We are committed to providing exceptional service and excellent customer care to ensure that you’re satisfied. Our professional team in Germany, Latin America, South Korea, China, the Middle East, and other countries will go above and beyond the expectations of a business entity. We look forward to maintaining a long-term relationship with you by providing reliable services at competitive prices.

Custom Formulated Oils Tested Against Nissan Specifications

There are many different types of engine oils and lubricants available for Nissan vehicles, including:

Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil

Semi-synthetic motor oil for Nissan vehicles has an extended lifespan. It is designed to control thermal breakdown, engine wear, and corrosion.

Multi-Grade Full-Synthetic Oil

This type of oil has a high level of anti-corrosion protection and provides excellent performance when used in Nissan engines, with reduced wear and friction. Thanks to their resilience to high temperatures, full-synthetic Nissan lubricants are often recommended for severe operating conditions no matter the age of the vehicle.

We also offer Nissan lubricants for turbocharged engines, hybrid cars, and high-mileage vehicles. Don’t hesitate to order our brake fluids, transmission oils, and coolants designed with cold weather in mind to aid the start-up process. Our premium products contain additives that can help improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, making OTV International an eco-friendly oil distributor.

Show us any eligible competitor price quote for Nissan lubricants wholesale. We will outmatch it and give you a reason to ship multiple containers with us. Let us know your bulk engine oil needs so we can plan logistics accordingly.

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