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The most sold OEM lubricant

Opel lubricants are one of the most sold OEM lubricants. The specifications of this OEM can be used next to Opel and GM for a lot of different cars. The Dexos2 and Dexos2 Gen. 1 technology have the applications which suits all modern cars. Next to this, the pricing for this lubricants are reasonable low which attracts a lot of interest from customers worldwide. The Opel and GM engine oil is environment- friendly high-performance oil, which protects the engine, effective cleans and increase fuel efficient.

OTV International is dealer and distributor of original Opel and GM engine oil, brake fluids and antifreeze/ coolant. We supply this oils to customers on different continents. Proudly we can say that OTV International is one of the biggest Opel lubricants wholesalers in the world.

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