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Pentosin Lubricants

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Cost-Friendly Pentosin Lubricants from a Trusted Wholesale Distributor

Since 1927, fluid innovation has been at the core of Pentosin-Werke GmbH’s reputation. The German-based manufacturer produces mineral and synthetic oils for automobiles. Most modern vehicles from over 30 OEMs use Pentosin lubricants all over the world.

Pentosin is a leading oil producer with deep-rooted research and development. Quality control is an integral part of their advanced manufacturing process. The company is renowned for its ‘Zero Mistake’ principle which is reflected in its many credentials, including ISO 14001:2004 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification.

Through a Pentosin wholesale distribution network that spans the globe, OTV International is able to reach as many business owners and oil retailers as possible and give the best prices in the market. Our offerings conform to strict OE standards of big-league automobile brands.

The Finest Pentosin Oils from OTV International

We supply Pentosin automotive fluids in the most professional manner possible. Our lubes can be used on almost all vehicle types.

Full Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic Motor Oils

Talk to us if you need high-performance Pentosin motor oils for year-round applications. These oils are formulated with special friction modifiers to improve fuel economy and ensure optimal engine conditions.

Steering Lubricants

Our power steering lubes work for electric, electro-hydraulic, and hydraulic steering systems. They have been designed to do even better for most OE replacement parts, offering the perfect solutions for vehicle repair and replacement.

Hydraulic Fluids

Order multi-purpose Penstosin lubricants for shock absorbers, level control, and hydro-pneumatic suspension. Based on the latest technology, synthetic formulas perform well under extreme weather conditions.

Brake Fluids

Our line of brake fluids from Pentosin exceeds DOT standards, guaranteeing a safety margin high enough to reduce the vapor lock. They feature superior corrosion resistance and long-term resistance to water retention. They are perfect for anti-lock brake systems.


Pentosin antifreeze is developed to regulate alloy engine components throughout all seasons. Compatible with today’s engines, Pentosin coolants are free of amine and nitrite.

Transmission Fluids

Modern double-clutch, automatic, CTV, and manual transmissions could use Pentosin lubricants. The transmission fluids contain friction modifiers and anti-wear elements.

Order Genuine Pentosin Products Delivered by a Reliable Trader

For superior vehicle servicing, pleasurable driving experience, environmental protection, and efficiency, Pentosin products are unbeatable. And there’s only one Pentosin distributor you can trust to deliver the original oils from this brand – OTV International. Quality and affordability have been the bases for our global success.

We proudly export a full line of motor oils and technical automotive fluids meeting the demanding requirements of world-leading vehicle manufacturers from Asia, Europe, and America. We pay attention to how we conduct business from shipping logistics to customer service. Our greatest strength is the trust we’ve earned through longstanding client relationships and effective communication. We’d be glad to help you with your business needs if you fill out the form below.

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