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Quality And Efficiency Standards You Can Trust

Increase Profitability with Q8 Lubricants from a Reliable Dealer

Q8 lubricants are manufactured by Q8 Oils through cutting-edge technology in a modernised lube-blending plant based in Europe. While testing these fluids in state-of-the-art laboratories, the manufacturer demonstrates in real-time their operating dynamics. OTV International specialises in the distribution of Q8 Oils products because they have the perfect balance between durability and quality. Our competitive wholesale prices which give us an edge in the lubricant market provide clients with great value for money, allowing them to make good profits.

Q8 Oils Branded Lubricants With Distinction

We are committed to safeguarding future cooperation with our customers through reliable partnerships. It is for this reason that we only sell high-performance Q8 lubricants wholesale to meet even the most demanding requirements whilst making a sustainable impact. We supply numerous locomotive fluids in bulk which are necessary for food-grade operations, construction, metalworking, agriculture, automotive, energy, and marine industries. Let OTV International be your trusted Q8 lubricants distribuitor if your business relies on high-quality oils such as:

  • Superior anti-corrosion fluids for protecting ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Neat-cutting fluids with low volatility, minimal oil mist risk, excellent lubricity, and oxidation resistance
  • Low SAPS heavy-duty automotive oils for trucks- suitable for extreme weather
  • Passenger car Q8 lubricants and transmission fluids with an extended drain interval
  • Low-emission construction machinery lubes
  • Biodegradable Q8Oils lubricants for agricultural equipment
  • Weatherproof greases with great biodegradability for food production
  • Hydropower, gas, and steam turbine oils featuring low foaming characteristics
  • Acid-neutralizing gas engine oils with high resistance against pre-ignition
  • High flash point solvent degreasers for any environment
  • Heat transfer oils with reduced carbon footprint and flexible heater capacities

Why Buy Q8 Oils Products from OTV International?

Q8 lubricants are developed with in-depth research to meet the highest demands for quality and safety. The global manufacturer is also by ISO9001 and ISO14001, so they comply with consumer and environmental regulations, respectively. At OTV international, our selection of technology-enhanced Q8 oils has been designed to the latest specifications to handle even the most demanding applications. When you choose us to be your distributor, you also choose:

  • Reduced operational expenses
  • Minimal downtime and improved productivity
  • Advanced health and safety

Because we understand your business language, it will be easy to work with you no matter where you are. Speak to us to know more about our Q8 lubricants.

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