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Ravenol Lubricants

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Bulk and Packaged Ravenol Lubricants at OTV International

Innovation has been the hallmark of Ravenol lubricants since the mid-twentieth. The manufacturer, Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH, is a global leader in fluid technology and produces high-quality lubes for advanced engines and transmission systems. Conforming to the latest fluid specifications, Ravenol oil and lubricants meet and often exceed performance requirements stipulated by world-renowned manufacturers of automobiles. The brand has been approved by leading automotive OEMs including BMW, GM, Porshe, Volvo, Audi, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and Renault, among others.

For years, OTV International has been distributing premier lubricants well-known on the international market. We have a robust network of sales and export managers across different regions, including Europe, South America, China, the Middle East, Korea, and other countries. Our team ensures high standards from customer service to logistics when it comes to processing Ravenol lubricants wholesale orders.

A Sneak Peek Into Our Full Line of Ravenol Oils

Ravenol lubricants have made a mark in many sectors, including motorsports, whereby they have been represented in hundreds of races, e.g. Formula 1. Here’s a brief overview of what to expect from us.

Gear Oils

Gearboxes come in different types, functionalities, and components. Luckily, Ravenol develops a vast number of automatic transmission fluids that meet the requirements of various car makes and models. OTV International offers a comprehensive selection of gear oils from this brand whose special formulations cater to the most diverse gearbox designs.

Motor Oil

As a trusted Ravenol lubricants distribuitor, we supply motor oils for motorcycles, light trucks, passenger cars, tractors, commercial vans, UTVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, and marine vessels. Our Ravenol motor oils guarantee trouble-free car care and oil change. With factory approvals, they outdo the majority of synthetic oil brands.

Transmission Fluids

Only the Original Equipment Manufacturer determines the specifications of oils for lubricating transmission systems. Ravenol does not have authority over these requirements. However, Ravenol lubricants accredited by OEM plants usually have the approval sign on the label. At OTV International, we distribute globally both automatic and manual transmission fluids from Ravenol.

We also deliver other premium Ravenol products like:

  • Hydraulic fluids designed for electric and conventional power steering and rack and pinion
  • Speciality fluids for vane, turbo, and diffusion pumps
  • Modern engine coolants and antifreeze
  • Brake fluids for hydraulic and clutch systems
  • High-specification greases

Having deep industry expertise, OTV International can get your business up and running today and into the future. We facilitate a constant supply of Ravenol lubricants to clients who partner with us. Feel free to request other lubricant brands if you need a variety. We promise the most competitive prices on container shipping.

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