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Allround Metalworking Fluids and Greases

Maximum-Efficiency Rhenus Lubricants | A Perfect Fit for Every Application

Rhenus lubricants are manufactured by a German company, Rhenus Lub, which dates back to 1882. The brand is well-known for high-performance metalworking fluids, special lubes, and greases. Rhenus takes a holistic approach, with their products providing tailored solutions to complex lubrication problems.

Might you be seeking a reliable Rhenus lubricants distributor? OTV International is your trusted source. Our line of Rhenus products can help businesses reduce operational costs and extend the life expectancy of their machines. Under this brand, we distribute special metalworking fluids, greases, and oils. Throughout the process, we ensure that the quality is high, quick decisions are made, and prioritise safety.

Key Benefits and Features of Rhenus Fluids

At a glance, users should expect the following from Rhenus lubricants:

  • Cost-effective all-rounder products
  • Metalworking fluids that are gentle on the skin and environmentally safe
  • High-strength lubrication with impeccable grinding and cutting execution
  • Optimised lubricants for the most challenging needs
  • Industry-certified and verified fluids

Proven, Tried-and-True Rhenus Products

In terms of our product offerings, we emphasise three aspects:

  1. Industry accreditation and certifications (including occupational safety and eco-friendliness)
  2. High performance
  3. Profitability for buyers

Different industries have different lubrication requirements. The machining and production stages demand unique levels of lubrication. Luckily, Rhenus lubricants are engineered with the highest standards to meet strict demands. Don’t hesitate to order from OTV International’s multipurpose and wide-ranging lubes such as:

  • Rhenus metalworking fluids: Developed for sustainability, resource efficiency, and cost optimisation
  • Special greases: Created to minimise wear and provide longstanding service
  • Food-grade lubricants: Non-toxic and a technological marvel
  • Bearing fluids: Longlasting and reliable in roller bearing and plain bearing
  • Special railway technology lubes: Facilitate strategic servicing and maintenance
  • Medical-grade fluids: Efficient in modern medical tech and mechanics-challenging materials, e.g., ceramics, magnesium, and titanium. They are suitable for all medical devices from surgical tools to prosthetics, and implants
  • Open-cast mining and under­ground lubricants: Ideal for high loads, extreme conditions, and continuous low-speed rotations

Leading companies and large enterprises consider OTV International a premium partner for oil trading. We understand that success in machine service depends on effective fluid management. You can trust our highly innovative specialist fluids for your oil retail business or industrial applications.

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