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Functional Automotive Fluids | Buy Selenia Lubricants Wholesale

Selenia lubricants are sold under the Italian brand name Selenia Lubrificanti, which is now part of Petronas Lubricants International. Since 1912, their products, including engine oils, antifreeze, and other functional fluids, have been at the forefront of the automotive sector.

Find the Best Selenia Engine Oils at OTV International

Under the Selenia brand, we distribute a broad assortment of Selenia lubricants wholesale. The most popular engine oil classes include:

Fully-Synthetic Selenia Engine Oil For Gasoline Engines

For gasoline cars (methane-fuelled and turbocharged engines), fully-synthetic oil is the best lubricant. It has a unique formulation with outstanding valve wear protection and prevents the combustion of acid compounds, keeping the engine at peak performance. These lubricants meet or exceed the requirements of the latest diesel engine models. They conform to low ash content specification, which is key to safeguarding filters from a buildup of combustion residues that may cause blockage.

Handpicked Synthetic Lubricants for Diesel Engines

We have special Selenia lubricants wholesale in synthetic blends. These are ideal for turbocharged and aspirated diesel engines, whether direct-injected or pre-chambered. Synthetic oil is the best choice for luxury car models because it contains quality additives that don’t wear out as conventional oil. It is also designed to maintain a stable viscosity over time, making it more efficient and less likely to break down prematurely.

Synthetic lubricants have less friction and are more stable and durable than conventional fluids. At their molecular level, they offer complete protection for lubricated parts.

Best Selenia Oil Deals That You’ll Ever Find

Numerous distributors of this oil brand claim to have the best deals on Selenia lubricants at wholesale prices. But none compares to OTV International. In addition to allowing our customers to order a vast assortment of lubricant brands in one package, our service has excellent value for money.

Check out diverse offers for the Selenia oil brand on our website. If you have any questions or want a non-obligatory price quote, don’t hesitate to call us or email us. One of our representatives will advise you on how to go about shipping the lubes to your city.

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