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Siebert Lubricants

Cutting-Edge Oils of the Highest Standards

Guaranteed Machine and Process Reliability with Siebert Lubricants

Since 1872 Siebert has been producing custom-made industrial fluids that have continually proved their success in the global oil market. Innovation is the hallmark of Siebert lubricants. To get authentic products for your business, you need to partner with a trustworthy Siebert lubricants distributor like OTV International.

Powerful, Sustainable, and Effective Siebert Oils

Siebert lubricants are the outcomes of in-depth research and development, setting a new benchmark for sustainability and profitability. Here are the benefits at a glance.

  • Cost-effective operations
  • Their quality has been certified by renowned bodies
  • They are optimised for various applications
  • They surpass ecological, health, and safety requirements
  • Users can count on their high-level reliability

Some of the products you can order under this brand include:

Neat-Cutting Oils

Siebert neat-cutting oils are powerful lubricants used in chipless machining. Whatever the machines do, even under heavy loads, these ols will cut down maintenance costs, wear, and tear. Thanks to their low viscosities, they ensure dimensional accuracy and quality of the workpiece surface.

Water-Miscible Coolants

Water-miscible coolants from Siebert come in handy when cooling supersedes lubrication. They are over 90% water-based and meet all environmental protection requirements. Water-miscible coolants are characterized by low consumption, top-notch performance, and low wear and tear when used in machining operations. They can be semi-synthetic, fully synthetic, ester-based, amine-free, and boric-acid-free.

Non-Water-Miscible Coolants

This category of coolants is engineered with long tool life in mind. These are drawing, grinding, and cutting oils with minimal lubrication properties. They can be made of ester or medicinal-grade white oils.

Special Greases

Siebert lubricants are also available as special organic greases for multiple uses from construction, forestry, agriculture, food production, steel processing, and tunnel drilling. They guarantee consistent performance no matter the working condition. With a high degree of endurance and strength, they are the perfect solution for joints, roller bearings, and gears.

Biodegradable Greases

These are developed for food production. They are certified kosher, halal, and NSF H1 standards. They are primarily low-noise lubricants that prolong the service life of food production equipment that is exposed to extreme heat and forces every day.

We supply tailor-made oils, top-performing greases, and pioneering coolants with the Siebert logo. Engage us today and let us know precisely the oils you want to buy in bulk. Our excellent service also allows for mixed packages- you can count on us if you want to ship different oil brands to your city.

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