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TOTAL lubricants


Total lubricants is one of the largest mineral oil companies in the world. The French company produces oils and lubricants for the global market. As a wholesaler, we at OTV International offer all common types of Total lubricants. Total supplies fuels and lubricants for private customers, industry and commerce and is also active as a supplier of heating oil, LPG, aviation fuels, bitumen or special products. But Total is also known for its dense network of filling stations all over the world. Total offers a comprehensive range of motor oils and gear oils for cars, motorcycles and trucks, which, due to their composition, meet the highest requirements and produce fuel savings.
Total Distributor OTV International
Total relies on “fuel economy” for its lubricants: these are oils with a specific composition that allow fuel savings compared to the use of conventional oils with the same parameters. Customers can rest assured that OTV International, as distributor and wholesaler of Total products, will provide them with excellent lubricants.

OTV International is a Total distributor for the following brand products:
  • Total QUARTZ INEO Longlife
  • Total QUARTZ 5000
  • Total QUARTZ 7000 Energy
  • Total QUARTZ 9000 Energy
  • Total QUARTZ 9000 Future
  • Total GLACELF
  • Total CLASSIC
  • Total HI-PERF Racing
  • Total LHM
  • Total Rubia
  • And many more..

Total fual economy – technology for everyone 

Total oils are currently used in numerous vehicles (cars, commercial vehicles) and industrial machines (agricultural machinery, construction machinery, etc.). They are engineered for maximum engine protection and improved performance and proven to save fuel. The combined use of total lubricants in engine, transmission and axles results in significant fuel savings compared to standard products under optimum operating conditions. OTV customers can be happy because the environment also benefits: lower fuel consumption leads to reduced CO2 emissions. At Total, a lot is done to improve performance and to further reduce the burden on the environment. But not only the vehicle sector benefits from Total lubricants: The performance of industrial lubricants is an important factor for the efficiency, reliability and endurance of machines and plants and thus for the productivity of your company. Total is one of the world market leaders in this segment and covers all application areas for oils, greases and specialties.

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