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Valvoline Lubricants Wholesale

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Worldwide Supplier of Premium Valvoline Lubricants Wholesale

The history of Valvoline Inc dates back to 1866. With an outstanding brand reputation across its service channels and automotive products, it is among the world’s top three motor oil brands for passenger cars.

OTV International is a trusted Valvoline lubricants distributor, delivering products for power generation, motorcycles, construction equipment, marine engines, agricultural implements, industrial automobile, cars, trucks, and buses. We are at your service whether you need a full line of a single oil brand or a mixture of several premium-branded lubes.

Headquartered in Weener, Germany, OTV International is committed to offering genuine and original products. We have included Valvoline lubricants wholesale in our European, Middle Eastern, African, and Western Hemisphere distribution channels. Our expert managers across these regions will assist you with buying Valvoline oils in the most convenient way possible, no matter where your business is located.

An Entire Suite of Valvoline Lubricants and Engine Oils

OTV International offers Valvoline engine oils that protect automobiles from oxidation, facilitate trouble-free performance, and maintain low friction between components for longer. Available in different viscosities and NLGI grades, they are the best choices to minimize cost, reduce waste, and increase industrial productivity.

Valvoline Engine With Unparalleled Technologies

For years, clients have trusted us with repeat orders for Valvoline lubricants wholesale, including motor oils and industrial lubes in full-synthetic, synthetic blends, and conventional but eco-friendly forms. From their labels, you’ll notice top-notch and well-known technologies like SynPower, DuraBlend, and High-Mileage with MaxLife.

Valvoline Greases for Tougher Operations

For adequate machine lubrication, some applications require more than engine oils. This is where our robust line of Valvoline greases comes in. With a thicker consistency, they create a durable seal that inhibits solid or fluid contamination on sensitive machine parts. Grease lube is ideal for seals and connectors in older equipment since it retains lubrication for longer than typical oil, reducing the potential for leakages.

You can trust OTV International if you need a bulk supply of full-synthetic or blended greases. These are primarily used in challenging operations where typical lubricants don’t suffice, or engines run at irregular intervals. Our Valvoline greases are developed to work under heavy shock loads, high pressure, and high temperatures.

Besides Valvoline engine oils and greases, we also supply other automotive chemicals with outstanding technologies, e.g.

  • Brake fluids
  • Spray lubes
  • Special gear oils
  • Antifreeze and radiator fluids
  • Power steering products
  • Fuel additives
  • Automatic transmission lubricants

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