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Volkswagen – you do not immediately think of engine oils in this name, but of a car brand with an excellent worldwide reputation. Equally excellent are the Volkswagen lubricants, which OTV International sells as a dealer and wholesaler worldwide.

The products of the world-wide company based in Germany extend the replacement intervals because they have been specially developed to meet the high demands of high-performance engines. You save fuel and provide more efficiency through less friction. As a result, the life of the engine is extended.

Perfect matching to requirements of the engines

The flow properties of the oil are also evident in extreme temperature conditions. The components of the engine oil are perfectly matched to the engine. The high-quality additives keep it clean and prevent oil sludge formation. Qualitatively, the products from Volkswagen are among the best that the term “made in Germany” carries. OTV International operates globally in the distribution of VW engine oils and can deliver these quality engine oils reliably.

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